Traffic on the Highway 99 to eastbound Highway 58 exchange in Bakersfield, as seen in a file photo.

Local businesses and large corporations need people to fill their positions and keep up the economy. Ever wonder how many people work in the city of Tehachapi, Cummings Valley, Stallion Springs, Bear Valley, Palmdale, Boron or other outlying areas to provide for their families?

Tehachapi News is looking for people who would like to be interviewed who currently travel more than 15 minutes to work in the city of Tehachapi or outside city limits.

Residents will be asked to provide their job description, name, area of residence, how long it takes them to travel per day, and offer their perspective on whether work is hard to find in their industry.

Employers are also encouraged to call and provide details on challenges or benefits they experience on hiring and attracting talent in the area or outside the region.

An article is planned on the local economy.

Please email to set up an interview; call 661-823-6373 or come into Tehachapi News at 411 N. Mill St. before Feb. 1.