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Kathy Bassler, left, and her son Jeff Killingsworth stand beneath a portrait of Bassler's father, Kelcy Owens, at Kelcy's Restaurant located at 110 W. Tehachapi Blvd. The portrait was painted by a waitress in 1996 as it appeared on the cover of "The Tehachapi Advisor."

Darla A. Baker / Tehachapi News

When we shared Kelcy's Restaurant's story on the Tehachapi News Facebook page, readers reacted to Kathy Bassler's announcement of closing the iconic eatery and its pending sale.

Here are some of the comments, with light editing for spelling and clarity. You can add your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Linda Snow: Awww love that homie place.

Mary K Trumble-Wallace: Kathy, wishing you all the very best. You have provided good company and good meals for many years. So sorry to see you close. Things will not be the same without you all. God Bless!

Marrissa L King: Amazing place very sad to see it close.

Kathleen Parmenter: My first date with my late husband.

Travis Slattery: All the true life-long Tehachapi people all have memories at Kelcy's; it's sad to see it go and all the cool stuff they had on the walls.

Travis Slattery: Oh and they by far had the best banana cream, chocolate cream and coconut cream pies ever.

Shannon Greinert: So sad! I painted their windows and the mural inside. They will be missed for sure. Would someone mind sending me a picture of the outside for me? I don't have any pictures of the windows. I would love a memory of one of the historical establishments where I lived for 16 years. I loved painting for Kathy. Thanks ... anyone.

Sandy Shuster: So very sad ... but wishing Kathy all the best!

Tim Reynolds: Very sad. I remember going in there 30 years ago.

Kelly Trankley: So sad! I remember eating grilled cheese and dipping my pickles in ketchup there as a young young kid! Such a great place.

Jennifer Moreno: So sad.

Sandra Dameron: I will miss their lima bean soup! No one makes it better!

George Rief: Sorry to see it go. Mom and pop restaurants are sadly disappearing.

Nancy Bray-Dee: We love you guys and will love you forever.

Linda Mitcham: So sorry.

Karen Mata: So sorry to hear that, spent a lot of time in there with my aunt and uncle. David Mata: Every time my mom and dad and I would visit.

Lori Summers Bunn: Sad to hear.

Steven Patillo: Sad, good breakfast though.

Barbara Taylor: So sorry to hear you are closing. Now get some RE and a hobby.

Kathy Fong: We went there the other day with my grandkids because I know it'll soon be gone and we wanted them to experience what a lot of us have had the pleasure of experiencing for MANY years, that hometown atmosphere that is sorely lacking these days, and that makes me sad. Good luck on your next great adventure and thank you for all the memories.

Linda Cuozzo: I was a regular at Kelcy's when I lived in Cummings Valley during the late '70s and '80s. Always great food and wonderful people. Sorry to see it go.

AshleyJesse Velasquez: Joseph Russell, going here with the girls and you on the weekends was one of my favorite memories! So sad it's closing.

Joseph Russell: Loved that place.

AshleyJesse Velasquez: Same I haven't been in a long time.

Ginny Petersen: Anne Worthington, is this where we went?

Anne Worthington: Yes.

Debbie Freitag: So sad. Have gone there forever. It will be missed. Enjoy your retirement Kathy.

Beverly Keator: Kathy, my friend, you will be missed but always loved!!!

Tammy Peterson: Still great breakfasts!!

Cheri Finch Vandemark: Kathy you will be missed. Don't get up there too often, but always enjoy coming in and seeing your smile and getting to catch up.

Janice Camp: Will miss it; the best chicken, but enjoy your retirement.

Susan Belle Chapman Suzow: I hope they will re-open soon ... praying for the best, and a new improved is yet to come!

Missy Brown: Kelcy and Marge were good people. Good luck Kathy, we will miss you.

Patty Costa: I'm so sorry Kathy, we love you.

Jeffrey Pandolfe: That's it. I'm moving!

Mike Bailey: No way!

Mary N Daniel Ureno: I would like to comment on this post as I've worked over 20 years at this restaurant and we all worked our butts off helping Kathy: Martha Pineda an excellent cook over 27 years, Melissa Davis, Megan Genardini, Tonya Killingsworth , Vanessa Lara, Martha, our dishwasher Albert, Kelly and more who I can't think of. We are all very sorry to see Kelcy's close, very sad day. We love our customers very much, we will miss you.

Kathy Bamford: You are the best waitress ever, we will miss you so much.

Mary N Daniel Ureno: Kathy Bamford, thanks Kathy.

Nadine Myrick: Oh no, it's been here for forever. I remember having many lunches there with my friends ...

Sally Skinner Ehl: How sad. Hard to believe Tehachapi without Kelcy's.

Joy Nelson: Enjoyed eating here every time I would get up there. The pies were the best!!!!

Winnie Maddock: I will miss Kelcy's, stopped there to eat on all my trips to Bishop. A very friendly restaurant and good food.

Cathy Grove Born: I love that place.

Kim Summers Bean: So sad. I grew up going there. Both my grandmother and my mother worked there as waitresses in the '50s and '60s. A few years ago, my brother and I took mom there for lunch and it was like stepping back in time. When we went through the front door, everything was exactly as I remembered it in the '60s. Great memories!

Debbie Whitlock-Roush: Sad to see!

Bob Lacey: Oh we will, the last of Tehachapi will be gone ... .but ...time to move on, always a great place to eat. Will be missed.

Ron Derbyshire: Nooooo.

Emily Mosley Meeks: Happy for Kathy, sad for our little town! Loved their burgers!!