Southern California Edison electrical transmission lines in Lamont, as seen in this file photo. Some areas of Kern County were subject to Public Safety Power Shutoffs on Thursday.

Power was fully restored by Saturday to Southern California Edison customers in greater Tehachapi who lost it Thursday due to statewide Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

Power for all customers in Tehachapi, including unincorporated areas was fully restored at 1 p.m. Saturday, Mary Ann Milbourn, a spokeswoman for Southern California Edison, said Monday.

Sand Canyon, Loraine, Twin Oaks, areas in Bear Valley Springs and near Cummings Valley had been without power as of noon Thursday, and some areas were without power into Saturday morning, Milbourn said.

Many other areas that were subject to the Public Safety Power Shutoffs as of 4:30 a.m. Thursday included: Sand Canyon, Keene, Golden Hills, Alpine Forest, Bear Valley Springs and Stallion Springs, according to scemaintenance.com.

Some 5,369 Southern California Edison customers in Kern County between Tehachapi and other unincorporated areas had been without power, said Milbourn.

She did not have an estimate of the number of customers specifically impacted in the Tehachapi area.

“We really don’t like turning off the power, but we really are doing this to protect the public,”  Milbourn said. She added, “These are all high fire risk areas.”

Customers are to receive emails warning them of power shut-off and when their power is restored.

Milbourn said the company is encouraging customers to go online and make sure their contact information is up to date so they can be contacted.  Information about outages locations can be found at sce.com/outagealerts.

The public is urged to plan in advance for supplies and take precautions if they see damaged equipment.

Food, lights, batteries and other supplies are important in the event of a power outage. If people see power lines on the ground, they should stay away and call 9-1-1, said Milbourn.