Ever heard of Applewood smoked sea salt or tasted a specialty tea? Or perhaps you would like to start trying new healthy meals for your family, but don’t know where to start?

Taylor’s Superior Provisions not only carries organic items in the form of dried fruit, nuts, flour, beans and tea, but also many other items that can make healthy recipes a big hit for the dinner table. Two grain products from local growers belonging to the Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project are also featured, with more to come.

Scott Taylor, the owner of Taylor’s Superior Provisions, can walk a new customer through new food experiences, or give advice on how to incorporate a new seasoning for your next barbecue.

The shop, located at 208 S. Mill St., is modern with an old-time feel and personal service. It opened in mid-July, after Taylor and his wife set up a booth at the Tehachapi Farmer's Market.

“The farmers market was a great test for us. We had some teas, nuts and seeds and granola, beans, a little bit of rice. We liked it and other people liked it," Taylor said.

The opening of the specialty foods market had its challenges, but they were overcome. The Kern County Health Department said the business was required to have a commercial kitchen for the preparation of ready-made foods. So Taylor teamed up with Mill St. Kitchen to use a retail space that was empty next to their establishment.

"I think it’s interesting for people to come here and say they want to eat healthier, but don’t know how and they can learn," Taylor said.

He added, "Have you ever tried a sun-dried tomato? I think it’s fun and see people come alive with it. It’s almost as much a tasting room as it is a shop.”

So far community response has been positive.

"The plant-based diet wasn't something I had tried before, but the products I sampled in the store made it very inviting. I feel healthy just walking in there," said customer Pam Holland.

Taylor talks with pride, noting the market is also a lifestyle fit for him, since in 2010 he changed his diet to include mostly fruits, vegetables and foods rich in fiber. If customers also want to try a plant-based diet, Taylor can share what has worked for him. There are also various recipe cards he hands out for people to try new dishes.

"It's cheap and lets you just substitute one meal and when you're happy with that one meal come back and we'll substitute another," Taylor said.

For more information visit @taylorsprovisions on Facebook or call 661-750-0390.