Stallion Springs Police arrested one man and two juveniles after a man and woman were violently assaulted in a home invasion robbery at their residence in the 17000 block of Carlisle Drive, police said.

At about 5 a.m. Feb. 23, the Kern County Sheriff's Office dispatch received a disturbance call in the 28900 block of Horsethief Drive after an unknown person rang the front doorbell and then fled.

According to Stallion Springs Police Chief Gary Crowell, officers located a vehicle matching the description of the original home invasion robbery, a black Toyota Prius, parked in front of an unoccupied residence 30 minutes after the disturbance call.

All four occupants of the Toyota Prius were arrested, with three of the four on suspicion of being involved in the home invasion robbery. The fourth was arrested after evidence of an additional unreported burglary that occurred in Los Angels County was found.

"In the first incident, they rang the front bell for awhile, and then when they did not receive a response, they went around to the sliding glass door and forced entry into that. I don't believe that they thought that anybody was inside, and that they were looking to do a burglary," Crowell said, adding that there were several other Stallion Springs residents subsequently reporting suspicious knocks and/or doorbell rings.

According to Crowell, the elderly couple was held at gunpoint as their residence was ransacked and money and personal belongings were stolen. The couple incurred minor to moderate injuries, and sought medical attention later in the day.

Arrested on suspicion of the home invasion robbery was Romelo Pride, 23, of Duarte, who was booked at the Central Receiving Facility on open charges of first degree burglary, attempted burglary, robbery of an inhabited dwelling, assault with a firearm on a person, conspiracy, receiving known stolen property and carrying a concealed weapon. Bail was set at $250,000.

Also arrested were two boys from Los Angeles County. Both were booked into the James G. Bowles Juvenile Hall on suspicion of home invasion robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle, false imprisonment, burglary, possession of stolen property and conspiracy, according to Crowell.

A second man, Malcolm Adams, 32, of Palmdale, was booked at the Central Receiving Facility on charges including possession of stolen property and child endangerment. Booking information was not found for Adams.

A pre-preliminary hearing will be held for Pride at 10 a.m. March 4 at the Mojave Branch of the Kern County Superior Court, according to the website.