Score one for safety.

Tehachapi has been named the safest city in Kern County and 44th safest in the Golden State by the National Council for Home Safety and Security in the organization's Safest Cities in California report. That's according to a news release issued by the Tehachapi Police Department on Jan. 23.

The council studied FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics and a so-called Police Adequacy variable, which relates total crimes to the number of police employees. The report notes the smaller the police adequacy statistic, the safer the city. Both scores were combined to determine their rankings, according to the news release.

The report ranked 265 cities in California.

“It is extremely pleasing to have our community recognized as one of the safest cities in California and the safest city in Kern County,” Police Chief Kent Kroeger said in the news release. “This achievement is evidence of what can be accomplished when a strong partnership exists between law enforcement and members of the community.”

According to Kroeger, this rating is also a strong indicator of the tireless efforts and commitment to public safety put forth by the TPD.

“I am extremely proud of the Tehachapi Police Department, the leadership of Chief Kroeger and the safety of our community,” Mayor Susan Wiggins said in the news release.