Students at Jacobsen Middle School will have some new classrooms next year as plans and construction were approved at Tuesday’s regular school board meeting.

“It is exciting to see this project come to fruition. Our staff and students in sixth grade deserve it,” said interim superintendent Paul Kaminski, in an email to Tehachapi News.

The 13,175 square foot building is planned to be built on the east side of the campus and replace the now aging portable classrooms. It will have 10 classrooms and can accommodate up to 300 students.

“The school district has been waiting a long time. We are here to put their dreams to a forefront and get this finished by next summer,” said Rob Trost, project architect for Ordiz Melby Architects, Inc. in Bakersfield.

Lundgren Management Corp. has been selected to build the classrooms and the total price for construction, equipment, labor, insurance, and other costs total more than $500,000.

The projected date for completion is July 31, 2019, so that it will be ready for use the next school year, said, Sharon Heitman, principal of JMS.

“We believe this company has a good reputation and hope the project will go well,” added Heitman.