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A new network for business women launched Monday at Gold Mountain Sports Tavern, giving local entrepreneurs an opportunity to meet and greet one another. The Tehachapi Women’s Network will continue to meet once a month for lunch and encouragement.

Founders Daniela Peregrina, a social media and networking coach and owner of Dragonfly Networking & Social Media, and Mandy Ferrell, RN, a health coach and owner of MK Transformational Health Coaching, started the network as a way to empower other women entrepreneurs.

"Ive been toying around with this (idea) for about three years, and it was just time to do it scared," laughed Peregrina.

The two women first met at a different function, and have remained fast friends ever since.

"Daniela has assisted me in building my confidence with social media," said Ferrell. "This is a wonderful opportunity to come out and share and grow with other women ... which is what we want to do."

Following a welcome, the attendees had the opportunity to stand and introduce themselves and the services they provide. The women then participated in a series of networking activities that afforded them the opportunity to get to know each other in smaller, rotating groups.

The first meeting was dedicated to this introduction, with future meetings to feature selected members as guest speakers who would like to share in-depth information about the services they offer to the community.

"We are hoping to get a list of women who are interested in presenting value and education moments," Peregrina said.

In addition to offering women a way to network and brainstorm their ideas, the founders said they hope to turn TWN into a nonprofit entity and raise money for a scholarship to be awarded to one young woman graduating from Tehachapi High School in June who has decided to become an entrepreneur.

Said Peregrina, "We have created a group where she can come to, ask for advice on how to take on that task, and what questions to ask."

Other events, such as silent auctions, will be held in the future to help with the scholarship fundraising.

Each meeting will include lunch, either the featured specials for $12 or order off the menu, plus gratuity, a 50/50 drawing and fun raffles.

"Networking with other women, and other business women, specifically, is going to grow you as a woman," Ferrell said. "Making those network connections is going to really help her offer her clients and customers more value. Just like other networks that I have been in, I know who is in the community and what their business stands for, and I'm able to become a resource."

Meetings will be held at noon on the third Monday of each month at Gold Mountain Sports Tavern, 20601 W. Valley Blvd. The next meeting will be held Feb. 17. Attendees are asked to please confirm via email.

Said Peregrina, "If you are in business for yourself, whether you are an artist, a yoga teacher, a Realtor or whatever industry that you are in, come join us. Come network. You will probably find someone that you might want to purchase from, or who might want to purchase from you ... so that we can keep our dollars here in Tehachapi."

For more information, email or visit the Tehachapi Women's Network Facebook page or on Instagram.

This story has been updated from its original version to correct the date of the next meeting and Peregrina's business name.