While the Tehachapi mountains were surrounded by raging storms, the skies above parted and ushered in a peaceful calm Monday evening in time for the Patriot, Prayer and Praise gathering in Centennial Plaza.

A small crowd convened at the spiritual event held to observe the 16th anniversary of 9/11. Leading the evening of prayer and worship music was Brian Drucker.

Drucker began by telling the crowd how powerful prayer can be, even the prayers of one man or woman.

"I got good news for you," Drucker said. "If you are here, and you are trusting in Jesus, you're righteous... I believe that God hears our prayers, and I am so naive as to believe that yours and my prayers tonight can affect this nation."

Drucker invited Nick Phillip to the stage to sing "God Bless the U.S.A." They sang along at times, and raised their arms in praise.

Before introducing Richard and Laura Sanchez to the stage to perform a 30-minute concert of heartfelt worship music, Drucker explained why he wanted the crowd to join in and sing.

"If we will praise and worship the Lord, he will fight on our behalf," Drucker said. "I believe, that it is a very fitting thing that before we would pray tonight, that we would praise and worship the Lord."

Strumming his guitar, Richard said, "Sometimes we don't think about the words as we sing them, we just sing songs that we know. The words just go right on by, but you should really think about them. If you don't know them, then cry out to God, because that's why we are here."

Following the worship music, Drucker said what Tehachapi needs is to get all the pastors together.

"Our nation is in great need," Drucker said. "There is one thing I want to remind you of, and that is there are people who think they have to pray in a certain way in order for God to hear us. But, if we ask him a million times, then maybe, in time, He will hear us."

He invited the heads of churches who were in attendance to lead the crowd in prayers. Next he invited individuals to share their prayers as well. Into the night the prayers continued, until nothing remained to be said.