Mixed colors were smeared across children’s faces, adults' jeans blended into the same color of their drawings and family members took turns finishing their creations.

Chalk on the Walk on Saturday, Aug. 12 offered local artists the chance to showcase their talents from pictures they found on the internet or had drawn themselves. This year saw record participation.

“It’s shocking; we never have had this many people before. We usually have 65 to 70, but this year have 110," said Michelle Miller, chairwoman for Chalk on the Walk.

The event offers residents of every age the chance to draw family-friendly drawings in a 4x4 square and compete for honors. There are six categories, including grades 1-8, adult and family groups. Participants in the annual event raise money for school supplies and art scholarships — all for under $15, including chalk and a T-shirt.

Many families and children like participating each year, since it helps them spend time together pursuing a similar interest.

Katheryn and Paisley Donnel were hard at work on their spring artwork of a bright sun showering down upon rolling hills of grass and flowers on a sidewalk on Tehachapi Boulevard.

“It’s fun and a family tradition. This is my fourth time.” said a smiling 9-year-old Katheryn Donnel.

Several people huddled around a picture of an eye. As the event approached, the Bartel family talked about what they would draw for Chalk on the Walk — and then decided to combine their ideas for their drawing called “Curiosity.”

“My family and I all love art in our own ways and this helps us sit down and work on art together,” Charity Bartel said.

Generous donations of $100 to $500 were also given, with prizes ranging from gift bags to great prizes for top winners called Best in Show and Tehachapi Valley Arts Association pick.

Students graduating high school can go to Gallery ‘N' Gifts at 100 W. Tehachapi Blvd. to apply for scholarships. Chalk on the Walk has been hosted in Tehachapi now for more than 16 years. Funds raised also buys art supplies for many elementary schools.