The following is a breakdown of how the Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District proposes to use money raised from a $43 million bond, should it be placed on the November ballot and pass to fund improvements and additions to current park facilities.

Some $16 million would be used to upgrade existing facilities. The rest of the funds could go to a possible new recreation center.

Brite Lake

Funding needed: $1.5 million

The district proposes to have new restrooms and showers, new full hook-ups at campsites, with new septic systems, amphitheater, paved roads, a new boat launch, playground and picnic tables.

District Manager Michelle Vance said that to grow business at Brite Lake, money needs to be put into improvements. Currently, Brite Lake is a main source of income for the district to help pay for district needs, funded when people pay to use the lake and camping facilities.

The area is in need of an upgrade, the current facilities do not support user needs, and septic systems keep overflowing, said Vance.

What the community placed the most stickers on, indicating improvements they'd like to see:

New restrooms and showers at $500,000, paved roads and boat launch at $350,000 and campsites with hook-ups at $100,000.


Meadowbrook Park

Funding needed: $1.6 million

The suggested expansion for the park includes two basketball courts with lights, amphitheater, new trees, picnic structures, walking path around the track, pump track, mountain bike skills park, and parking upgrades.

The economy is growing toward mountain biking and cycling, so the addition of an asphalt track and park with various trails with different levels is a possibility, said Vance.

What the community placed the most stickers on:

Exterior basketball courts and lights at $80,000, amphitheater at $200,000 and Mountain Bike Skills Park at $400,000.


West Park

Funding needed: $2.2 million

Developments including a new in-ground concrete skate park, restrooms, underground drains, pickleball, a soccer field, playground and better parking are proposed.

Currently, Vance said, visitors have to use portable toilets, while the drainage system has to be constantly pumped. The wood on the skate area structure is decaying, and needs to be upgraded since it was built in 2003.

What the community placed the most stickers on:

In-ground concrete skate park at $350,000 and pickleball at $100,000.


Central Park

Funding needed: $700,000

The trees in the park are old and some need to be removed, which means new trees need to be planted with irrigation. The bathrooms are vandalized, so they need to be moved to the center of the park, said Vance.

More picnic areas with covered patio areas and outdoor game areas can be upgrades to the park. Numerous major events are held at Central Park.

What the community placed the most stickers on:

New restrooms were the top pick at $250,000, and tree replacement with irrigation at $100,000.


Morris Park

Funding needed: $10 million

The district envisions a sports complex for the 20 acres of land donated by the Morris family in 2003. The money would be used to build regulation ball fields, quad ball fields, a large parking lot, restrooms and concession stand, and a soccer field.

What the community placed the most stickers on:

Quad Ball Fields with lights at $3 million, and soccer field with lights at $550,000.