Shoppers who are anticipating the opening of Walmart need not wait much longer. 

Walmart's Supercenter in Tehachapi, at 400 Tucker Road, is slated to open Aug. 7, Charles Crowson, senior manager of Walmart Corporate Communications, said in an email.

The Supercenter is expected to hire up to 200 employees for both part-time and full-time positions. These workers will help stock and prepare the building for opening, said a press release.

No information was available about how many workers have been hired or if they live in Tehachapi.

“With the talented individuals in our area, we are going to build a great Walmart team. I am very excited to meet applicants and staff this soon-to-be-open store,” said Amy Garcia, store manager for Tehachapi.

These workers will join the team of more than 89,000 Walmart associates in California.