An artist's rendering of a proposed Tehachapi Super Walmart.

Walmart has agreed to pay the City of Tehachapi more than $1 million in fees to move forward with its project. That agreement was announced at the July 17 City Council meeting, and is in addition to the $99,660 agreed upon June 5. 

These fees will be credited toward what Walmart already owes the city.

This money will be used to install a median on Tucker Road, a wider intersection on Tehachapi Boulevard by 50 feet, pay for groundwater rights, a new water line and signal lights, among other construction fees.

The timeline for these projects to begin is pending.

"Funding for the items to be reimbursed from the city to Walmart is proposed to be drawn from the City's Traffic Mitigation and Water Mitigation fee funds. As Walmart is obligated to pay fees into both of these funds, the reimbursement will simply be credited against "what" is due,” according to the July 17 City Council agenda.

The median on Tucker Road from Tehachapi Boulevard south to Valley Boulevard will be constructed so traffic can still access local businesses on both sides of the road. Another reason also deals with making sure access stays safe with increased traffic flow.

“Safety is the primary factor...the logical solution, therefore, is to construct the median to funnel traffic to select locations in a safe manner,” said Jay Schlosser, development services director for Tehachapi.

Water rights were not included when the property was bought so Walmart has to pay for 20 years of water rights, plus put in a water line that will go from the east side of the property ending at Antelope Run under Tehachapi Boulevard. The total of these amounts comes to more than $457,750. The allotted amount of water per year will be 29 acre feet.

Tehachapi residents should also expect to see three new signals placed on Tucker Road between Valley and Tehachapi Boulevard.