Fireplaces can add a beautiful ambiance to your home. But after burning, Waste Management asks that you make sure to dispose of the ashes properly.

Waste Management is reminding residents to properly dispose of fireplace ashes to help prevent cart and truck fires.

"Ashes from the fireplace that appear to be cooled can still start a fire in the cart or collection truck and create an unsafe situation for all around,” Josh Mann, municipal and community relations manager for Waste Management in Tehachapi, said in a news release.

He continued: “That is why we are asking community members to follow safe disposal practices in order to keep their loved ones and our drivers safe this holiday season.”

A Waste Management news release asks that residents:

• Cool ashes for several days in the chimney or fireplace.

• After ashes are cooled, put them in a metal container with a tight lid. Then you can put them in your trash container — but never in the recycling or green waste cart.

• Don't put ashes in plastic, paper or wood containers.