Senior high school students and adults wishing to start a new career will have the opportunity through Adult Education welding classes soon to be offered through the Tehachapi Education Center.

The night classes are projected to start in the January and count as credits toward a certificate offered by Cerro Coso Community College. Although the courses are being offered through the Tehachapi Education Center, they will be held at Tehachapi High School.

“The Tehachapi Adult School would offer the first two of five courses required to complete the Welding Processes Certificate. After completing the first two courses, students could enroll in Cerro Coso Community College to take the remaining courses here in town,” said Jaime Lopez, the adult education program manager at Tehachapi Adult School.

The first two classes offered through the adult school will be free of charge, but completion of the certificate is estimated to cost $322 plus any other health or campus fees for students living in California.

The classrooms are being remodeled and new equipment is being installed for the highest standards in technology and safety. Students will learn all different types of welding so they will be ready to be hired for jobs once they complete their training, said Steve Bsharah, Tehachapi Education Center principal.

It's taken more than a couple of years for this training to be offered and become reality.

“We are really excited about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and everyone is looking forward to getting this up and running and helping the community grow,” Bsharah said.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, welding jobs pay an average of $18.84 an hour and that's expected to grow in the coming years. The classes offered at Tehachapi High are also funded by the Adult Education Block Grant through the state of California.

For more information visit 126 S. Snyder Ave., or call 661-822-2124