Jay Schlosser, development services director for the City of Tehachapi, spoke about several projects in the city during the Tehachapi Economic Development Council meeting held at the Tehachapi Police Department.

The City of Tehachapi may in the next few weeks issue its first permits to Walmart, allowing the company to move forward on the more than 150,000-square-foot building.

That was among the updates provided by Jay Schlosser, the city's development services director, during the Oct. 4 Tehachapi Economic Development Council meeting held at the Tehachapi Police Department. The monthly meeting is a chance for business representatives to provide a variety of updates on community happenings.

Walmart permitting will allow the company to move forward on ground construction, street lights and road medians on Tehachapi Boulevard, Tucker Road and Conway Avenue.

The Walmart superstore may also offer free grocery pickup, according to Schlosser.

This arrangement allows customers to order groceries online and then choose the location and time to pick them up, at no added cost.

The building will feature a design that is similar to the look of the downtown revitalization project, bringing a mountain theme with earthy color tones and wood designs. The architecture will also have many horizontal pop outs, and the Walmart sign will be set back from the base of the building to “produce a comfortable pedestrian scale,” Schlosser said.

Tehachapi's Kern County Library

The opening of the Tehachapi Branch of the Kern County Library has been postponed until November, said EDC director Mary Beth Garrison at the Oct. 4 meeting.

As of Oct. 5, new information regarding the opening date of the library became available. Andie Apple, director of Kern County Libraries, said that due to “building permit regulation delays,” an extension is being requested.

If the Kern County Board of Supervisors approves the change of date at their board meeting on Oct. 10, the new opening date for the Tehachapi Branch will be Nov 13.

The new library, at 211 S. Green St., was slated to open Oct. 2 or Oct. 16.

Red Apple Pavilion

The Red Apple Pavilion is in the planning and permit stages to construct multiple buildings, said Schlosser.

According to a January City Council agenda, this marketplace will be at the southwest corner of Red Apple Avenue and Tucker Road.

It is projected to have six new single-story buildings with an area of more than 120,000 square feet. There might be fast-food establishments, a pharmacy and retail shops. These types of businesses may change once the project is approved by the City Council to move forward.

Rail Corridor Pedestrian Safety Project

This project will provide pedestrians and bicyclists a safe way to cross the railroad tracks at Green Street, Hayes Street and Dennison Road, said Schlosser.

This also includes security fencing and is funded by the Active Transportation Program, which gives the city more than $2 two million from federal and state funds. This is projected to start in 2018.