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Thursday, Jan 03 2013 10:04 AM

Police Officers to sue City

Two Tehachapi Police Officers are threatening to sue the City of Tehachapi claiming threats of physical violence and mistreatment for blowing the whistle on wrong doing with in the Department. In a filing with the court on New Years eve Officers Rick Disney and Peter Graff claim they have experienced a hostel work environment and loss of pay for reporting the incidents.

Officer Graff indicated the mistreatment began after he reported a Superior officer was falsifying time sheets. Disney indicated his problems occurred after reporting a Senior Officer serving alcohol to under age Police Explorers. Attorney for the Officers, Steven P. Wainer said, "The Chief has not investigated those at all to this point instead has engaged in acts of retaliation against those officers for what they brought forward."

The City has 45 days to respond to these alligations and accept it or reject it, after which the lawsuit can move forward. Each officer is suing for 1.5 million dollars for emotional distress and mental suffering due to the hostile work environment.

Tehachapi Police Chief Jeff Kermode was unable to respond to the pending suit saying, "Unfortunately, under the Peace Officers Bill of Rights and Penal Code Section 832.7, peace officer personnel matters are confidential."

The Tehachapi News will continue to follow this story and update reports as information becomes available.


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