Pattsy Ann Minyard peacefully passed away on the evening of Aug. 29. She was 86.

Pattsy was born to Silas and Nellie Lamunyon in Oklahoma. She resided in Tehachapi with her loving husband, Don Minyard. One of Pattsy’s passions was serving in the mission field. She went and served on many mission trips across the globe. Pattsy also loved to write. This lovely poem was one of her many writings:

He is mighty who stands above His creation.

Beware all who deal with it lightly!



Pat Minyard

This year our universe stands on trembling knees.

Our God reaches forth His arms to stabilize us.

The universe quakes and we with our uncertainties quake in tune, behind

our living room blinds.

What will the government do? What will the heavens do? What will our sun do?

What will our God do to help us?

I’ll tell you.

He will hold those buffed arms wide for our refuge.

He will hide us.

He will be our shelter.

From of old, He has stood, a shield from the storms of time and of life.

Our Redeemer came – and stands open. Run to Him for He loves you this

Season and holds your salvation in His bosom. Drink from Him and be

Full. Drink from Him and be merry for He holds us safe!

Drink of His salvation – Feel clean – then it doesn’t matter. He loves us and

we will love one another.

Sing O’ Earth! – for evil has come and will go and perhaps come again but

our God abides forever!



Be not afraid! Hide in Him!

And love one another as never before. Give gifts to your enemies. Rush to

the homes of those you love with gifts of fruit.

There is a forever!

The family would like to extend a thank you to Lisa from Hoffmann Hospice and Father Wes Clare.

Wood Family Funeral Service, Inc. is handling the arrangements. For condolences please visit