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Edward Elliott Drake, 1957 – 2013

Edward Elliott Drake
1957 – 2013

Ed was born in Morristown, N.J., to Dick and Doy Drake.

Ed loved the outdoors and animals.  At an early age Ed was excelling in his training ability, by 21 he had a mixed animal act, consisting of an African elephant, llama, yak, chimpanzee and dog, with which he traveled all over the country performing.  Later he had two Asian elephants giving rides at zoos and doing motion picture work with the animals.
Ed worked with the early companies putting up the first windmills in the area.

Ed and their 7 children moved to Utah where he was a crane operator and Iron worker.

Ed's greatest love was for his family and the outdoors.  He saw the beauty in all of nature.  A gift from Ed would be a table, lamp or an interesting knot of wood that he had made from his heart sanding and oiling with his hands bringing out the character hidden in the wood.

Ed will be greatly missed by his parents, brother and sisters, his seven children and seven grand.

Ed passed away peacefully at his daughter's home, with his family at his side. He fought a hard battle with Laryngeal cancer.  He is no longer in pain. God bless you and keep you Ed.

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