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Shannon Marie Weinert, 1991 – 2013

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Shannon Marie Weinert, 1991 – 2013

Shannon Marie Weinert
1991 – 2013

Shannon Marie Weinert passed away on Dec. 18, 2013 at the young age of 22 due to complications following a ruptured appendix.  Shannon had the challenge of living in a disabled body since her birth in Los Angeles on Aug. 16, 1991.  She was born with an extremely rare genetic syndrome which caused developmental delays as well as cerebral palsy.  In spite of her physical disabilities, she will always be remembered for her smile and the sweet innocent joy she brought to everyone that met her.  She was a sweet reminder to be grateful and joyful for the gifts of life and companionship.

Shannon, our little “angel-girl”, enjoyed a life filled with loving family and friends.  After moving from her first home in Lancaster in 1996, she lived in Bear Valley Springs and attended schools in Tehachapi.  She attended the caring special education classes at Wells, Tompkins, and Golden Hills Elementary schools.  She had lived in Mammoth Lakes and Crowley Lake since 2001, and attended school in the loving environment at Mammoth Elementary School during all that time.  She was blessed with many close relationships with supportive teachers, aides, therapists, librarians, office staff and principals that grew to love her over the years.

Shannon also had many wonderful friendships with the employees and volunteers at Eastern Sierra Disabled Sports, as they generously took her skiing over the last ten years, with them since the beginning of the organization.  She also enjoyed horseback riding with Freedom in Motion, and the caring services provided by locals working with California Children’s Services and Sierra Park Physical Therapy.

She is survived by her parents, Kevin and Donna Weinert, brother Garrett, sister Janelle, grandparents James W. and Virginia C. Ivey of Havelock, NC, and step-grandmother Mary Weinert of Massena, NY.  She is also survived by several aunts and uncles, Susan and John Barnett, Walter Ivey, and Amos and Clare-Ann Ivey.

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