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Larry Dale Reagan, 1967 -- 2012

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Larry Dale Reagan

Larry Dale Reagan

1967 -- 2012

Larry was born in Walnut Creek on Aug. 7, 1967, to Joy and Patrick Reagan. He spent most of his life growing up in Rio Vista right on the Sacramento River. Larry had two brothers, Kevin and Sean. While they were growing up he and his brothers were always on some kind of an adventure. Larry loved to fish he spent many days along the banks of the Sacramento River and sloughs with his brothers, grandfather and other family members fishing the days away.

Larry's love for his family and friends was very apparent. If there was anything someone needed he was there. He and his brothers had a special bond, always looking out for each other and like typical brothers they would sometimes go at each other, but be the best of buddies the next day.

He learned how to repair vehicles from his grandfather and uncle and carried that skill with him throughout his life becoming one heck of a mechanic. He was also a great carpenter. Larry could fix and repair just about anything, and these skills served him well during his life.

As a teenager, Larry spent a few years living in Missouri with his father Pat and younger brother Sean. While in Missouri he became quite the country boy. When you talked with him you could hear that country accent in his voice. He had an unmistakable laugh and when you heard it you knew it was Larry. He was someone who helped others and this sometimes created problems for Larry.

He wasn't a perfect man and he would be the first to say so. For many years Larry struggled with addiction, but after leaving Missouri and moving to Tehachapi he decided to change his life and leave the past behind him, but because he was such a giving guy and always willing to help his friends he would sometimes be pulled back into the life he was trying to leave.

Tragically, in the early morning hours of Sept. 28 someone took Larry's life. At this time the reason is not known but he was most likely helping someone else with their problem and became a victim himself. It seems that Larry's big heart and willingness to help others became his down fall.

Larry's family and friends are proud of the steps he was taking to turn his life around and know that if this tragedy would not have happened he would have reached that goal. If he could tell us one last thing, he would probably say "not to judge others, always try to look beyond the bad because there's good in all of us." Larry's older brother Kevin summed it all up by saying, "When you really get down to it, Larry was one heck of a dude."

Larry is survived by his mother, Joy Beeson and stepfather Gary Beeson of Tehachapi, his father Patrick Reagan of Montgomery City, Mo., brother Kevin Reagan of Elk Grove, three nephews, a niece, several cousins, aunts and uncles and numerous friends. He was proceeded in death by his younger brother Sean. Larry will be truly missed by all.

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