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Dexter Raymond Reese, 1931 – 2013 and Phyllis Marie Reese, 1929 – 2014

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Dexter Raymond Reese, 1931 – 2013 and Phyllis Marie Reese, 1929 – 2014


Dexter Raymond Reese, 1931 – 2013 and Phyllis Marie Reese, 1929 – 2014

Service time: June 20, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Dexter Raymond Reese
1931 — 2013
Phyllis Marie Reese
1929 — 2014

Dexter and Traci Reese were both proud residents of Tehachapi and both passed away in Bakersfield.

Dexter’s passing from a sudden and undetected brain aneurysm was quite unexpected and to those who loved him dearly, especially his beloved wife, Traci, his family and his friends. He left us way too sudden and without the chance for us all to say our goodbyes and express our appreciation for how much he touched everyone that was lucky enough to call him a friend, brother, uncle and of course, husband.

We as family were so very blessed to get the awesome opportunity to cradle our special Traci close to us and from the night of Dexter’s episode until Traci’s passing, less than four months after Dexter left us, we were able to have Traci stay with her family in Bakersfield and enjoy the privacy, love and security of family being close to her during her last months.

The family was so very fortunate that we met four caregivers (Sheri Hines, Jonnie Anglin, Casey MacDonald and Eileen Mathis) that provided around the clock care, friendship, companionship for our special Traci at the home of her brother and sister in law (Brad and Dixie Reese at the beautiful Brighton Parks community).

During Traci’s last four months with us we all were able to laugh more, cry more and just flat out slow down and enjoy the simple things Aunt Traci loved so much (especially the Cream Cheese Puffs from Sugar Twist with an ice cold Diet Pepsi, Yahtzee with Eileen, listening to Pandora mixes with Jonnie, getting Cradled Hugs & Dancing with Casey and of course every morning singing “Good Morning Beautiful” with Sheri and Jonnie and they enjoyed the phenomenal sunrises with our special Jewel of a Lady, Traci)!

Dexter & Traci Reese were inseparable and if you saw one of them the other was not but a foot or two away, they were indeed a classy couple who brightened any room they walked into. Across the years Traci and Dexter enjoyed living in the Bay Area, in picturesque areas of Washington State, in San Marcos and finally in the remote mountain community of Tehachapi where they cultivated many friendships and touched everyone who was fortunate enough to call them close friends.

Dexter was the past president of the American Legion in Tehachapi and Bingo on Fridays was Dexter’s duty. He made sure there never was a dull moment as he proudly called those numbers, Bingo won’t be the same at the Tehachapi Memorial Hall without Dexter’s jovial twist to every Friday night!

Dexter and Traci enjoyed so many of the beautiful things in life and celebrated the joy of cooking, entertaining, BBQ’s and recipe swapping with so many inseparable friends. They also dearly loved fishing together, especially fly fishing. Wow, what avid sport folks they were!

Camping, hiking, world travel, bike riding, photography, passionate gardening and so many other things we’d fill the page, if you name it they did it or went there, they never let their bumps in the road with either of their health challenges along the way slow them down, if they were able to sit up, they be off, off and away! No grumbling or feeling sorry for themselves as the golden years caused them to slow a little, they kept on truckin!

Dexter Reese proudly served his country in the U.S. Army and was in active duty from 1952 to 1962. During his years of service Dexter served as a Green Beret and was in a small elite detail of men that served on special missions for John F. Kennedy. Dexter was proud of his service and always wore his “Special Forces” cap — that was indeed his trademark, Dexter always has that black cap on!

We were all very proud of him as he wore his military spirit in his walk and always had a bounce in his step. He was a supreme example of what a “gentleman looks like” as he gracefully attended to his precious soul mate, Traci!

Traci Reese was very accomplished in several fields of business to include mastering her real estate license, serving in several roles in the Bay Area where she was an administrative assistant to high end executives and always dressed to a T. She was a Classy Lady indeed! When you got a thank you note, get well note or just a note of encouragement it was sealed with Traci’s sincerity and love! Traci always went out of her way to make sure YOU were taken care of way before she’d ever think of herself. She was passionate about the special scarves she made, her beautiful quilts, her flower arrangements and so many other projects she did with such poise and pride!

Dexter and Traci Reese leave to remember their sparkle a mountain of relatives that will forever miss, cherish and love them. In California, Washington, Texas and Nevada there are so many of us that will never be the same without our Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle and Dear, Dear Friends, We LOVE YOU and will see you in Heaven – Thank God for that gift!

Their dual service graveside service will be at the Bakersfield National Cemetery at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, June 20 (Traci’s birthday, what an honorable and special treat)!

Dexter and Traci’s minister, Pastor Kent Pederson from Olive Knolls Nazarene Church in Bakersfield, will officiate and special honors will be provided by the U.S. Army with a Gun Salute for Dexter Reese joined by a Bagpipe Processional at the honor of the Tehachapi American Legion.

Dexter and Traci will be interned together in the new marble wall established only for a Veteran of a Foreign War. Their final resting place looks out at a panoramic view of the Tehachapi foothills where they’ll enjoy sunrises and sunsets together!

A private reception will be held immediately after the graveside service at the Tehachapi Memorial Hall; invitations and directions will be provided following the conclusion of the service on Friday. All friends and family and welcome and we hope to see as many people celebrate their glorious and jubilant lives on Friday, June 20.

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