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Laura Colleen Bartlett, 1965-2012

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Laura Colleen Bartlett

Laura Colleen Bartlett


Family and friends of Laura Colleen Bartlett, 47, are grieving her loss after a grueling battle with cancer that ended on Dec. 6 at her Tehachapi home. Laura was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer more than a year ago, and she outlived predictions and fought bravely again and again.

She was born Laura Colleen Mynk in Canton, Ohio, on Nov. 15, 1965. She lived in many places over the course of her life, including Ohio, Arizona, Florida and California, but her favorites were Ventura and Tehachapi.

Laura was strikingly beautiful her entire life, but she was never conceited or impressed by her own appearance. Even after undergoing multiple radiation and chemotherapy treatments for cancer, she still kept her long blonde hair and looked great -- loved ones told her she was the healthiest-looking sick person they had ever seen.

The simple pleasures in life made Laura happy, and she could always seem to laugh and give her gorgeous smile even during the turbulent times. She loved flowers and gardening, and she immediately set about beautifying any place where she was, even if she was just visiting for a few days. She would always clean, and then find a pretty vase or two or a decorative bottle that could hold some flowers, artistically place some seashells, hang some attractive silk scarves or some other creative touches and in no time she'd bring some more beauty into the world.

Laura was a hard worker who impressed any employer she ever had. She was experienced in the hospitality industry and worked at times as a professional bartender, and for years was a valued core employee at the Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, Florida. She could handle high-pressure events and lavish conferences and guest parties at the resort without losing her cheerful composure.

There's a light-hearted saying used to describe some women: "Men want her, women want to look like her," and in Laura's case it wasn't a joke, it was true. She had an informal, unpretentious and loving spirit that charmed people of all ages, from babies to seniors. She certainly wasn't perfect and was quick to admit that she had her faults, but to her loved ones there was never enough time to spend in her pleasant company, sharing laughs and enjoying her observant, teasing sense of humor.

She was one of the brightest lights in our lives, and we will miss her forever. Laura loved her family and friends, the coast, laughing and having fun, flowers and gardening, sunshine, walking on the beach, fresh snow, long baths, music, cooking for her loved ones, candles, her Ugg boots, fresh ripe fruit, a cozy bed and travelling. She was an adoring Mom who loved her kids unconditionally and was always there when it mattered most. She was also an amazing grandma that was taken much too soon, and she will be forever remembered and forever missed.

Laura is survived by her heartbroken family, including husband Marc, who cared for her until the end and made countless trips to the hospital with her, and her children Jessie, Eli and Lance and her cherished granddaughter Layla. Also her mother Sally Schontz and father Paul Mynk, and mother-in-law Janice Williams, as well as her brother Todd Mynk and sister C. C. McGuidwin and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and nieces. She was predeceased by her little brother Phillip.

Services were conducted on Dec. 15 at the Apostolic Faith Church at 423 South Curry Street, with pastor Mark Staller officiating.

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