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David Wayne Bowman ("Crockett"), 1958 — 2013

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David Wayne Bowman ("Crockett") 1958 — 2013

David Wayne Bowman ("Crockett")
1958 — 2013

David, a resident of Tehachapi, was born in Lancaster on July 28, 1958. He met his Lord and Savior on Dec. 4.

David arrived earlier than expected. His big brother, Michael, greeted him upon arriving home, and said "Put him in the dirt, I want to play with him." This has been a family saying ever since.

David attended junior high and high school in Tehachapi. As a family, we enjoyed camping and outings with the dune buggy. David said one of the best memories was when his dad let him drive the dune buggy.

At 18, David went to work at C.N. Johnson's in Bakersfield, where the older employees took him under their wing and taught him the paint and body business. It was his lifetime love to restore cars and pickups. He was part owner of “The Paint Doctor” in Bakersfield in the 1980s. He always strived for perfection and was proud of his work.

David developed a strong friendship in this past year with John Rombouts, also of Tehachapi. John and David would work on the infamous pickup of John's. John's son, Steve, and his friend Lucky, were also an important part of David’s life.

David met a special young man named James, who also enjoyed flying radio controlled planes and helicopters. James is mature for his age and the two enjoyed their flying interests. In fact, James owns David’s plane “Patches,” that had many flights and unfortunately a crash. David gave James “Patches” to teach him how to repair and maintain the plane. James indeed repaired and flew Patches. He missed seeing James.

David leaves two sons, and two daughters, whom he loved very much. David also leaves his brothers, Michael and Robert, a sister Denise, his mother Betty, and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. His father preceded him in death.

David's internment will be private. The dedication of his gravesite will be by a member of the priesthood of the LDS Church.

David will always be missed greatly by his family.

We love you Davie!

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