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David Heinchon, 1987-2013

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David Heinchon

David Heinchon


David went home to his Heavenly Father on March 22, 2013; he will be reunited with his Grandma Jean, who adored her grandson deeply.
He was born in Hanford on Dec. 10, 1987 to Elizabeth and Richard Heinchon. For them, David had answered all their prayers, and he would be their only child. He was born with a cherub smile and deep dimples; and regardless of his age both would become his trademark look as he greeted anyone that came into his life.

We do not know why David left us so soon, but we know while he was here with us he made a difference in our lives. He was compassionate, headstrong, funny, and smart. He was resilient, tenacious, reverent, and patriotic. You knew with David where you stood and he did not back down from what he believed and we all admired him for his strong convictions.

David was a true dreamer and adventurer; from his time in Scouts to his life at the beach, David looked for every opportunity to live on the edge and live life to its fullest!

David moved from Avenal when he was 7 months old to Tehachapi with his parents in 1988. David was a precocious young child, and quickly made many friends wherever he went. He was a member of Tehachapi Nazarene Church and active in AYSO and t-ball. He joined Cub Scout Pack 136 when he was 7 years-old. He crossed over into Boy Scout Troop 136 in 1999.

David, and four other Tehachapi scouts would attend the 2001 Boy Scout Jamboree in A.P. Hill, VA. Along with 32 other Southern Sierra Council scouts and leaders, David would travel down the eastern seaboard from New York to Virginia; he got to venture into the Amish communities, see the battlefields of Gettysburg, and the skyscrapers of New York in Times Square. David would also ride to the top of the Twin Towers in N.Y. just two short months before 9-11.

With scouts, David also went to Camp Kern in the High Sierras of California, Camp Geronimo in Pine, Ariz., Camp Josepho, in Pacific Palisades. And lastly, he would travel to Hawaii in 2004 and attend Camp Pupukea on the North Shore of Oahu. While at Camp Pupukea he watched as the Pacific Islanders lined up for dinner service and asked his Scoutmaster, “Are we the only Americans here?” They all laughed with David when he realized they were all Americans too! David would achieve the rank of Life Scout and Order of the Arrow before he left Tehachapi for his next great adventure.

For the past six years David has worked and played in the community of Grover Beach. He quickly became involved in the local youth culture and worked at A. J. Spurs at Grover Beach. Here he made new friends and quickly got into parachuting, scuba diving and snowboarding. But his favorite past time was racing his truck on the sand dunes. He recently gave his mother Liz a ride of her life on the dunes. Liz said she cried with fear and joy as he laughed in delight at her reaction! He most recently was employed as a cell tower repairman.

David never met a stranger, and befriended anyone young and old alike. He shared a love of cars with his friends and when he would visit those in Tehachapi he could be found under the hood or changing brakes alongside his friends.

He is survived by his parents Richard and Liz Heinchon of Tehachapi. Uncle Melvin Young and his wife Quinn of Ferndale, Wash. and Uncle Jaimie Heinchon of Vermont. Cousins Ann Young, Eliza Morris and her husband Chris of Bellingham, Wash., and Neil Young and his wife Ashley of Sacramento, and Great Aunt Anna and her husband Don Pense of Atascadero.

David is gone, but his spirit and joyous laughter will remain with the family and friends that will never forget him. We will all miss his stories that amused us, his smile that calmed us and his lust for life that made us all want to know him. Rest in peace David, you were loved.

A memorial of David will be held Saturday, May 4, at Tehachapi Nazarene Church at 10 a.m. Another memorial will be held June 1 at the Spyglass Inn in Pismo Beach, at 10:30 a.m.

In lieu of flowers please send to the following in Memory of David Heinchon: Tehachapi Nazarene Church, Youth Activities, 19016 Highline Rd., Tehachapi, CA., 93561, or, Boy Scout Troop 136, 511 Colinas Street, Tehachapi, CA., 93561.

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