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Faye Anna Villacana, 1939 – 2014

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Faye Anna Villacana, 1939 – 2014

Faye Anna Villacana
1939 – 2014

Faye was born on February 7, 1939 to Merle Garay in Welch, W.Va. Faye was raised in Pulski, W.Va. With her brother JD and sisters Irene and Ruthie.

In April 1959, Faye came to visit her Uncle Howard and Aunt Juanita in Mojave.  Faye decided to stay in California and began waitressing at a local diner.  One day a trapping young man came in and asked Faye on a date.  This man was Pete Villacana.  After a whirlwind romance Pete asked Faye to marry him.  There was only one little problem, Pete had told Faye he was 19.  He had to confess to her that he was actually 16 and needed written permission from his parents to get married.  With written permission in hand, off to Reno they went.  They were married on Sept. 1, 1959.

That following year James arrived, next John and three years later Paul.  Faye was very busy raising her sons but still found time to teach Majorette (baton twirling) to the young girls in Tehachapi.  Faye was a majorette in West Virginia and always loved teaching it.

In 1967 Faye began working at Tehachapi Hospital in the Cleaning Department.  She worked her way up to nurses aid and then onto Phlebotomist.  Many patients would only allow Faye to take their blood because they knew she would get it done on the first try.

1979 was a very important year for Faye.  She was reunited with her daughter Vicki whom she had given up for adoption in 1958.  Vicki found Faye, she'd came to California to visit, and eventually moved to Tehachapi with her son David.

In 1998 Faye now was a lab technician at Tehachapi Hospital bug had to retire due to a back injury.  One of the main things she missed while being retired was praying with her patients when they came into the hospital.

After her retirement Faye became more involved with church and began working as an office assistant for Summit Christian Fellowship.  She also was a church greeter/usher and assisted with the bulletins.  Faye loved her church and the many friends that she made at the Summit.

One of the things Faye loved was dancing.  We all can remember some of her dance moves...she also loved to gamble.  Las Vegas and Stateline were two of her favorite places.  She also enjoyed fishing but the one thing she really did best was getting a great summer tan.  Faye would have all of us girls beat in the tan department.  She loved having people over in the summer to swim and hang out by the pool.  Pete and Faye's home was the place to be in the summer.  Many memories were made there (high school parties, she always knew if there was a party because she would say the house was cleaning than she left it.) Other memories include some people turning their life over to Jesus Christ and being baptized in their pool.

Above all Faye loved her family.  Many nights her and Pete watched their grandchildren helping with homework, sports, school functions or whatever else needed to be done.  Some of her grandchildren's best memories are Friday nights with grandma and grandpa ordering pizza and watching TGIF with them.  Another is the kids deciding which items to pick out of the Sears catalog for their Christmas present, changing their mind a dozen times.  A favorite is brushing and styling grandmas hair with Faye saying how beautiful they made her look.  These are a few of the memories that her grandchildren will always cherish.

Faye was preceded in death by her mother Merle, sister Ruthie and brother J.D. She is survived by her husband of 54 years Pete, sister Irene Nitz of Washington DC, Aunt Juanita Kemp of Mojave, sons James, John and his wife Lauri, Paul. Daughter Vicki De Santo and daughter in law Laura Villacana and Fiance Richard Johnson, grandchildren Jenna Eyraud and her husband Jake, Shay Villacana, Ali Rodriguez and her husband Ray, and David Draughn and Tanya Villacana, great grandchildren Holden, Ryan, Bristol, Brayden, Hadleigh, Addison, Easton, and Ryder.

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