• Letter to the editor: Good ideas coming in for how to support youth

    What a wonderful response to Tehachapi’s Mayor Pro Tem, Kim Nixon! The city and community of Tehachapi appears to be ready to embrace the challenge to provide more for the youth in our lovely mountain home. Anyone who hasn’t read the responses, do go to the Tehachapi News website. Do add your own

  • Mick Gleason, chairman of the Kern County Board Of Supervisors, leads a discussion on pending budget cuts recently.

    Community voices: The county remains committed to public safety

    While the County of Kern faces a severe decline in revenue due to an unprecedented loss of oil and gas property tax, make no mistake, the County continues to be dedicated to funding public safety. Public safety is delivered in many forms. We are all familiar with the deputy who arrests the

  • An artist's rendition of the proposed Tehachapi Walmart.

    Letter to the editor: Are you sure you really want a Walmart here?

    Consider yourself a patriotic American? I challenge you to find one thing for sale at Walmart labeled made in the USA. In 2013, Walmart’s low-wage workers cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $6.2 billion in public assistance including food stamps, Medicaid and subsidized housing. Consider yourself a

  • Letter to the editor: Thanks for picking up tab for us

    Our sincere thanks to the unknown gentleman who treated two ladies, on Monday, Aug. 15, by paying for their meals at Henry’s Cafe. Your gracious and kind deed is sincerely appreciated. Joyce Kimbrell and Lucy Shaughnessy, Tehachapi

  • Letter to the editor: Why do we need all these utility poles?

    I don’t know what is being installed along Tehachapi-Woodford Road, Pinion Canyon and now down my road, but do we really need more utility poles?? They are installing additional, shorter poles next to the already existing ones. I bought this property for the view, not to look through a bunch

  • Letter to the editor: Celebrating the foward thinking of the nature park

    When I ask friends about how Tehachapi has changed over the past decades, everyone tells me about the development. Lots are purchased, new housing put in, and just plain more people are discovering Tehachapi. To me, that means that the open spaces are in jeopardy of becoming more development. I am

  • Pacino's Italian Restaurant closes its doors on July 26.

    Letter to the editor: Sorry to hear about Pacino's closing

    Sorry to hear of Pacino’s closing. Sorry to hear about the folks who lost jobs because of it. We enjoyed dining there for many many years. One can only wonder that if Walmart had opened years ago like it should have, that maybe Pacino’s would still be open and the workers still employed? Michael

  • The Community Emergency Response Team participated in the Stallion Springs National Night Out event.

    Stallion Springs holds its own National Night Out

    Thank you, Stallion Springs organizations, businesses and residents for your outstanding support of our first-ever Stallion Springs National Night Out, held Aug. 2, at our Stallion Springs Community Center Patio! The event was sponsored by your Stallion Springs Police Department and Neighborhood

  • Family Life Pregnancy Center was a returning participant of National Night Out.

    Community Voices: National Night Out was a success

    This year marked the 31st year for National Night Out across America and the sixth year for Tehachapi’s event. The Tehachapi Police Department and the Tehachapi Collaborative have been the organizing agencies for the past six years. Serving as the chairperson for National Night Out and the

  • Jeff Patterson along with state engineer Rick Simon look at the interactive overview map for routing details between Rosamond and Tehachapi during a recent meeting. The planned route would impact his wind farm.

    Letter to the editor: High-speed rail is pie in the sky

    I have read the article on high-speed rail a number of times just to make sure that I understand what the state is trying to shove down our throats. Let’s do the basic math. If 42 million individuals used this system every year, it would mean 115,000 would use it every day or 1,308 per train

  • Letter to the editor: Dog Days of Summer a success

    The Tehachapi Humane Society celebrated “Dog Days of Summer” with a silent auction at the Souza Family Winery on July 15. The Silent Auction was a success, bringing in more than $1,700 for the spay and neuter programs that the Tehachapi Humane Society funds. This was made possible due to the

  • Community Voices: Firefighters' skill leaves me awe-struck

    Absentmindedly, I was watching a covey of walnut-sized baby quail clustered around mom and dad at the water pond out my office door. Would one of the fluff balls soon need my help in getting out of the water? As it turned out, that wasn’t a worry for this morning. What did finally come into my

  • An artist's rendition of the proposed Tehachapi Walmart; the project has again been appealed in court by the group Tehachapi First.

    Letter to the editor: Declare your residency, Tehachapi First

    As a resident of the City of Tehachapi, I have wondered for a very long time why it is that the people of Tehachapi First have not declared their residency in the city of Tehachapi. Do they live in the city or not? Whenever a meeting is held to discuss the issue of Walmart, only the opinions of

  • Letter to the editor: Clean energy isn't that clean

    Traveling east of Tehachapi on Highway 58, it’s an imposing sight to see the enormous size of those wind turbines sitting on 20-story-high pillars. A local writer wrote in the Antelope Valley Press that “Tehachapi/Mojave (are) a part of the world’s largest wind energy installation and significant