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On behalf of Curtis Smith and the Smith family, I want to thank our friends, family and the community for all the donations, love and support given to us in our time of grief. Thank you to Carlos at Carlos' Donuts, and Cliff at the Dog House for the fundraisers, and thank you to everyone who…

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Since Jan. 1, it has been illegal in the state of California for public schools to use the name Redskins as a school nickname. Four schools statewide are affected. Two schools have switched names to The Tribe, one has switched to The Reds and one school has abandoned nicknames all together. …


As Don Juan’s Grill closes the book on 2016, Juan and I want to thank our staff and customers for their continued support, encouragement and patronage. They have all been vital to our more than 10 years of success.


California enters the new year on its knees with billions of dollars in underfunded pension programs, a stinted K-12 education system, millions of people on welfare who can't afford health care and a failed prison system.


The Tehachapi Lions Club would like to take this opportunity to offer a public, heartfelt thank you to all of the supporters of their Apple Drop Fundraiser. Due to your generous support, the Lions were able to provide Christmas to 40 low-income or homebound senior citizens, some of whom are …


I would like to thank Mrs. Carrasco and her kindergarten class for the delicious cookies and beautiful handmade wreath for my front door. It was so thoughtful and a wonderful surprise. Also thanks to Tompkins' student body. 


If you haven’t had a chance to go by Central Park in downtown Tehachapi, I would encourage you to go check it out. Our partners at the Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Park District have done an incredible job updating the play equipment on the playgrounds for both children under the age of 5…


This is a response to Darell Davisson's letter regarding the election and the Electoral College. It represents a misunderstanding of the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in establishing a representative republic, not a democracy.


Many thanks to the Tehachapi Boy Scouts for popping into the Whiting Center to set up chairs for the T-POPs Orchestra and the few hundred guests who came to see Santa, listen to some hometown tunes, and gobble up some goodies. The BVSCAA appreciates the Boy Scouts’ work, not only setting up …


While year-round bird feeding is a great source of enjoyment for our family, nothing beats the rewards of winter feeding.

  • By Darrell D. Davisson

In reference to three of the Forum entries (Dec. 7), I feel compelled to respond. Dennis Tope’s letter is long overdue. A bill needs to be passed for all uphill highway grades based on traffic and incline to be widened to another lane. While the address to Mr. Dougherty, Sacramento, is appre…


A raffle fundraiser was held for Mountain Pathways at our 4th annual Christmas Boutique, and we carried it on to our monthly Quarter Auction at Big Papa's, raising more money. We presented the monies to Mountain Pathways this week. We raised $1,200.


On April 14, 2016, I suffered a heart attack at Stallion Springs Golf Course. Hall Ambulance and the Kern County Fire Department arrived. As the ambulance left the parking lot, I found myself under the care of Marsha Farrington, a 25-year veteran with Hall Ambulance as a paramedic.


I am very much in support of California secession from the United States of America. That would mean the removal of all California representatives from Congress, reducing the number of Democrats in both the House and Senate and thus increasing percentages of conservative legislators.


There are only two legitimate and expeditious ways to ship produce and other cargo by trucks east and west into and out of California. One is I-80 over Donner Pass and the other is Highway 58. Unless freight is headed for L.A., truckers avoid congestion on L.A. freeways and take 58.

  • Jean C. Riesen

The people have spoken, so let's join hands and let's make our country work again. If Hillary had made the cut, do you think we would be out burning buildings, stealing and beating people to a pulp?

  • Linda Coverdale

Just one pea-pickin’ minute, Paul Ryan! A dependable rumor has it that you are planning to dismantle Medicare. I presume you are going to dismantle your healthcare package while you are at it? You do realize:

  • By Dennis Cowden

I read a couple of weeks ago that the Mojave CHP received a multimillion dollar grant to make our roads safer. I thought to myself, this is great, maybe they will do something about the big rigs gone wild on the 58 from Tehachapi to Bear Mountain Boulevard (which I understand is in their jur…

  • By Girard Fisher

"Virtue signaling" refers to the public expression of an opinion primarily for the purpose of displaying one’s moral superiority before a large audience. Psychologists have expanded the concept to explain the behavior of teams: Once a team begins to lose, some players abandon team effort and…


Our two hometown supermarkets, Albertsons and Save Mart, are really generous to our community in supporting good-deed efforts. This is the sixth year we have experienced this support from them.

  • Dorothy Morris and Lora Minton

We would like to publicly thank and commend the staff at Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley for my recent care. From the moment I was admitted, I received the utmost attention and care from each employee who crossed my path.

  • Hilary and Lee Romo

I would like to thank everyone in our little hometown of Tehachapi for all their love, support, prayers and kind words as we have had to endure this horrible tragedy. There are no words that can tell you all just how thankful I am, or my family. I would love to thank each one of you personal…


Seems to me roads are for cars, and cars have the right-of-way, but that's not what I've seen on Westwood or Golden Hills Boulevard and other roads around town that are being restriped. Bike paths on roads that are now restriped take up as much room on the road as cars do. I guess bicyclists…

  • Danielle Hall

As a registered voter in California I was trying to do my due diligence before the election by reading up on the vast amount of propositions we have to vote on this November. I started with the Official Voter Information Guide and stopped on page 88. That is where the rebuttal to argument in…

  • Jim Thomas

I believe that there are many who agree that we didn't wind up with the two best presidential nominees this year. Two candidates, one who only lies when her lips are moving, the other, whose lips move too much, especially during debates. One is married to a sexual predator, the other is accu…


We at Gateway Connections wish to thank so many for their support, sponsorships, volunteerism and participation for our recent Zombie Run fundraiser. The Golden Hills Community Services District has been fabulous in their support by providing us with the perfect venue for the third year.


Tehachapi needs to vote yes on Measure J because higher education is associated with healthier communities, stronger employment, economic durability and resilience.


I write simply in response to the news that Judge Cory Woodward is leaving the bench. While I never personally had to appear before Judge Woodward, I was present in his courtroom on several occasions; I found him to be fair, patient and sometimes surprisingly lenient, (although I doubt many …