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Tehachapi needs to vote yes on Measure J because higher education is associated with healthier communities, stronger employment, economic durability and resilience.

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I write simply in response to the news that Judge Cory Woodward is leaving the bench. While I never personally had to appear before Judge Woodward, I was present in his courtroom on several occasions; I found him to be fair, patient and sometimes surprisingly lenient, (although I doubt many …


As most of you have noticed it’s election season, which is hard to avoid unless you live on a deserted island. As with most campaigns those who are running want to be elected to the office which they seek.


We cannot express how much we appreciate Thunder on the Mountain's continued financial support of Tehachapi Senior Center! It is support such as yours that helps us keep our doors open so we can continue to serve our ever-growing senior population here in Tehachapi.


I can't believe what I just read in today's Letters to the Editor, (Oct. 4, 2016) from Sam Young and, that a well-respected paper like the Tehachapi News would print such garbage, as that is what it totally is, garbage, accusing Donald Trump of being another Hitler, in what he says and does.

  • BY CHELLEY KITZMILLER Contributing writer

Have a Heart Humane Society is thankful that Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 797. This law now permits ordinary citizens to take all reasonable steps, including smashing car windows, to free an animal trapped in a hot car without fear of incurring civil liability penalties.


Snuggles is a red pocket Pitty who ended up pregnant, alone and scared in the Mojave animal shelter. We didn’t know about her until we phoned Kern County Animal Services about a different dog, who has since been adopted. The shelter staff told us about the situation and asked if we could tak…


As the 2016 election campaign continues, I find myself becoming increasingly alarmed and genuinely concerned about what is happening in our country. Most specifically, because of the behavior and words of Donald Trump. I am certainly not the first or only one to voice this concern, but perha…

  • Tehachapi News

Every morning while driving by the school bus stops, I can't help but notice nearly every student standing around looking pensively at their electronic devices.  Technology is a marvelous thing, but I wonder when these kids turn off their electronic "Smart Phones" and pay attention to their …


The Arts, Science, and Technology Educational Corporation of Tehachapi is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports our local public, private and charter schools. The goal of AST is to involve students in challenging and productive Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics …

  • Chuck McCollough

I want to let everyone know that the popular view bench on my property on Tejon Drive in Stallion Springs has been removed. This is because of the extreme fire danger resulting from the unprecedented weed growth and increasing liability concerns.

  • Pierre Hartman

Tehachapi’s city management is attempting to deflect its critics — those who want the city to spend taxpayer money wisely and follow the law in its dealings with valuable city assets — by not objecting to recent postings on social media disparaging one of Tehachapi’s citizens who is simply r…

  • Tom Crumrine

In response to the recent letter from Catherine Solange Ph.D. (“Are you sure you really want a Walmart in our community?” Aug. 24), I submit to you: I am a patriot, I served on active duty in the US Army for 20 years and I don’t have a Ph.D., but I have a MSG, USA RET after my name and am pr…

  • Laura Elizabeth Coryell

On Friday, Aug. 26, I heard a siren coming down Deertrail Drive. Then I smelled smoke. Then I heard a helicopter overhead. I ran in the house and told my husband, there is a wildfire below us!

  • Dennis Tope

Tehachapi-Willow Springs Road is an uncustomary road that presents an interesting challenge for drivers. Unlike a relative straight road like Highline, Willow Springs is a twisty road with a steep downhill grade where car speeds can easily reach 80 mph just coasting down that long hill.

  • By Debbie Haycock

Tehachapi High School would like to thank the following volunteers for their enormous help at our back to school orientation. Our volunteers were: Carrie Austin, Katie Beauchamp, Matt Bernacchi, Laura Lundberg, Sue Mackay, Becky Mason, Jackie Murphy, Fatma Noormohamed, Agustos Ramos, Suree R…

  • By Joan Clark, Contributing writer

Thank you, Stallion Springs organizations, businesses and residents for your outstanding support of our first-ever Stallion Springs National Night Out, held Aug. 2, at our Stallion Springs Community Center Patio! The event was sponsored by your Stallion Springs Police Department and Neighbor…

  • By Kim Nixon

This year marked the 31st year for National Night Out across America and the sixth year for Tehachapi’s event. The Tehachapi Police Department and the Tehachapi Collaborative have been the organizing agencies for the past six years. Serving as the chairperson for National Night Out and the T…

  • By Vicki Tones

I don’t know what is being installed along Tehachapi-Woodford Road, Pinion Canyon and now down my road, but do we really need more utility poles?? They are installing additional, shorter poles next to the already existing ones.

  • By Linda McDermott

When I ask friends about how Tehachapi has changed over the past decades, everyone tells me about the development. Lots are purchased, new housing put in, and just plain more people are discovering Tehachapi. To me, that means that the open spaces are in jeopardy of becoming more development…

  • By Carole Clark

Absentmindedly, I was watching a covey of walnut-sized baby quail clustered around mom and dad at the water pond out my office door. Would one of the fluff balls soon need my help in getting out of the water? As it turned out, that wasn’t a worry for this morning. What did finally come into …

  • By Dennis Tope

Traveling east of Tehachapi on Highway 58, it’s an imposing sight to see the enormous size of those wind turbines sitting on 20-story-high pillars. A local writer wrote in the Antelope Valley Press that “Tehachapi/Mojave (are) a part of the world’s largest wind energy installation and signif…

  • By Paul Askins

I just read about the potential closing of Fire Station No. 13 in Golden Hills due to county budget cuts. As a resident of Golden Hills, I feel compelled to speak out on behalf of my fellow residents, and say that closing this particular station is an absolutely terrible idea, and would grea…

  • By Lisa Fitch

The Tehachapi Mountain Roller Hockey Falcons would like to say thank you to the generous local business that supported our Falcon Fun Day. It is an honor to live in such a small community where these local business support even small clubs such as ourselves.

  • By Sally Barton

First a big THANK YOU to all the firefighters and first responders from all over. You saved Bear Valley Springs from disaster. Your efforts also made it possible to celebrate the 4th of July. The Carriage and Driving Society turned out in great force for the parade. It was wonderful to see s…