Using his tongue as an air-conditioning device, this participant easily keeps up with his running owners during the 2018 Have a Heart 5K Run.

Hello, pet lovers! Now that our beautiful weather is here, we at Have a Heart Humane Society are working on many things that had to be put on the back burner during the winter. We will cover a few things each time you hear from us in an article.

We first wish to send out a big thank you to a great group of people who have helped us in our latest community outreach — Food for Love.

Food for Love is our way of helping members of our community, who have financial challenges, feed their pets. A wonderful group called the Tailwaggers, which is based in Bear Valley, has helped us amass bags of dog and cat kibble and have also facilitated cash donations, to help us provide food to feed the beloved pets of low-income members of our own community. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to October, when we team up again for our Food for Love outreach.

Pet adoptions

Those of you who want to adopt a pet while school is out and the kids are ready for some new responsibility, we have lots of kittens — some are ready to go (neutered, inoculated and socialized) and some will be neutered/spayed when they have gotten a little bigger. These kittens can be reserved, or pre-adopted, and taken home after their requirements are fully met. We have a few smaller dogs, but some dogs of all sizes are expected to come in soon. A best friend is waiting for you and your family right around the corner.

Spay and neuter clinics

For several years now, our prices for spay and neutering cats and dogs, regardless of gender, have been the same for you who sign up your pets. It’s been the best deal in town! Well, the prices have had to increase with the clinic we are affiliated with, so the surgery costs are as follows: cats are $30 and dogs are $50 — this still includes a 24-hour pain injection, rabies vaccine and a microchip for dogs. It’s still the best deal in town. Clinic slots fill up fast, so keep doing what you’ve been doing. We’re all making a difference!

Ann Carroll is witt Have a Heart Humane Society, Tehachapi.