As Don Juan’s Grill closes the book on 2016, Juan and I want to thank our staff and customers for their continued support, encouragement and patronage. They have all been vital to our more than 10 years of success.

We have joined you at weddings, birthdays and christenings.

We have stood with you at funerals and memorial services.

We have supported your fundraisers, campaigns and causes.

Likewise, you have watched our restaurant change, grow and flourish. It has been an amazing partnership. It has truly been our privilege to be a part of your lives and a blessing to have you play a part in ours.

But 2017 will usher in a new chapter for Juan and me. As we watch our children grow, we realize that we must shift our priorities from the restaurant to our family. Thus, we humbly announce the closure of Don Juan’s Grill on Jan. 31, 2017.

This decision was not an easy one, but is the result of months of prayer and petition. That said, we believe this new season will lead us to renewed purpose and provision. We are excited for what it will mean for us personally and professionally. We respectfully ask that you share in our excitement.

Our reason for communicating this message now, is to provide the opportunity for you to join us prior to the end of January. We want everyone with a gift card to redeem it, and everyone who would like to spend another evening (or two) at the restaurant, to please do so.

We have seen other restaurants come and go in our town — without regard to the impact their closure will make on the community. We do not want that. We will finish strong and completely engaged because that is how we have conducted business throughout the years. We want your final meals to be some of your best meals.

It’s a new season for the Acevedo family — a perfect opportunity to do something new, something bold, and something beautiful. We look forward to the challenge.

Kind Regards, Juan and Yolanda Acevedo