I'm a senior citizen and very proud to be a veteran. I fly my American flag, I shoot guns and I'm very proud to live in the greatest country in the world and to have served that country.

What I am not proud of is the way people are acting toward each other, the way they seem to be in a big hurry all the time. You would think this is some big city like L.A. or New York. They speed around in their cars, driving with the drivers side wheel over the white line, running over things that the good Lord has put here for us to see and enjoy and don't seem to care.

Just the other day I was talking with a friend and his wife and he told me that he had seen just outside of our town, a doe and her fawn that had been run over and killed. I doubt if it was even reported to animal control. There's no need for that kind of driving, especially here on Highway 202 where there's a lot of curves. That's just plain stupid. What if that had been a kid instead of a deer? Would the driver have stopped? I doubt it.

People, stop and enjoy what you have, all the beauty around you. Stop being like the politicians, fighting with each other and only caring about what you can get from the country. I say this to all the people who have moved here from the big cities. Slow down and learn what it means to live in a small town.

When I first moved here, almost 30 years ago, it was a small slow moving great place to live. Then the big cities started to move in and turned it into a bedroom and fast-food community. A lot of the empty buildings are empty because they couldn't keep up with the big money stores that have moved in.

Everything that I've said here is my opinion and if I have offended anyone, then I must have struck a nerve. Please slow down to a speed that you can stop safely if need be.

Robert Slusher, Tehachapi