Wilbur Wells

Wilbur Wells is a retired mechanical engineer who lives in Tehachapi.

Kevin McCarthy no longer represents the people in the 23rd District, and he has to go. Here’s why.

Mr. McCarthy is a first-class liar. I have written him many letters with common-sense suggestions on how to solve the many problems facing our country. I have received a few form letters from his office, but most of my letters have been dismissed with generic automated email replies. That attitude is inexcusable.

I have written six presidents and numerous senators and representatives, all of whom have specifically replied to my letters. I talked with McCarthy twice and asked if he was going to answer all of my letters. Both times he said he definitely would. Both times he lied.

With McCarthy, the lying doesn’t stop with letters either. He lies when he portrays himself as a conservative because he votes more like a liberal Democrat in the Congress. When he entered the Congress in 2007, our national debt was just $12 trillion. During his tenure, McCarthy has voted for almost every budget-busting continuing resolution that came before the Congress, including the 2016 $1 trillion-plus Omnibus bill, and the $1 trillion-plus 2018 appropriations bill. No conservative in his right mind would ever do that.

With his help, we are fast approaching bankruptcy with an obscene national debt of $21 trillion. In 2010, McCarthy and other Republicans promised that, with a majority in the House of Representatives, they would use the power of the purse to get rid of Obamacare. In 2014, they said they would really stop the Obama agenda with both the House and Senate. Those were lies, too.

McCarthy is afraid of his constituents. To my knowledge, he has held only one live town hall meeting ever, a meeting that did not seem genuine because he called on people by name while ignoring others. Similarly, he has held several bogus telephone town hall meetings, and I have yet to be able to speak to him on those calls despite repeated attempts to do so. This tells me that McCarthy doesn’t respect people outside of his inner circle and doesn’t care what his constituents think. Many others have also written The Californian about similar experiences with him.

McCarthy seems to condone the sexual harassment that is rife in the Congress. Last November, news surfaced of a secret $17 million “shush fund” to pay off people who have been harassed by members of Congress. On four separate occasions since then, I have asked McCarthy for a list of members of Congress who have settled harassment claims with taxpayer’s money. He hasn’t responded (big surprise!).

The U.S. Congress is arguably our country’s greatest enemy and is responsible for creating huge problems, including the looming bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare, a bloated federal bureaucracy, out-of-control federal spending, a depleted military and runaway illegal immigration, to name just a few. We need someone in Washington who will fix things, but McCarthy has not authored a single significant piece of legislation in 11 years that addresses these critical problems.

As a “congressman,” he is doing a good job of working for the Congress and is very comfortable with the status quo, but we can no longer afford that attitude. We really need a REPRESENTATIVE to work for us in Washington. McCarthy is not that person, so he needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Wilbur Wells is a retired mechanical engineer who lives in Tehachapi.