andres pina

Andres Pina

In regard to the president of the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council, Lydia Chaney; the school advisor, Teresa Coatlalopeuh; and the council itself, I find myself deeply in gratitude for the opportunity that has been granted to me. I am pleased and honored to acknowledge the fact that these three pillars of the community have confidence in my professional ability to represent both Tehachapi High School and the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council.

As the student representative for the council, I have been assigned the privilege of connecting the youth to our community to bring awareness of the influential activity toward our community found in our high school's clubs. In holding this position, I obligate myself to develop new contacts outside the borders of school to gain public relations with professionals who can guide, influence and augment our clubs.

With the support of my school advisor, I was provided the opportunity to run my own club, which pledges to endow the youth of Tehachapi with the necessary knowledge to develop strategies in marketing, construction businesses and processing a business plan. This club is called the Entrepreneurial Program. Additionally, high school senior Ulrich Ford started the club P.L.A.N.T.S., an acronym that stands for People Learning about Nature through Science, in the hopes of "(spreading the) awareness of the critical conditions of the environment both locally and abroad."

However, Ulrich and I are not the only ambitious students who plan to make an impact on our community. During my high school career, I found there are more students who have the drive to start their own club, and these clubs tend to benefit the community. Realizing this proliferated motivation and initiative radiating from my colleagues, I feel driven to maintain that spark going through generations by forming the foundation for future student representatives of Tehachapi High School and the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council.

Andres Pina is a senior at Tehachapi High School.