Re-using some of the older, smaller wind turbines in great numbers up on the ridges by moving them to other locations elsewhere is the best answer. Installing them behind-the-meter singly on many other properties at some distance is possible and beneficial. Such turbines can be very attractive and quickly pay for themselves, costing thereby nothing while providing a good profit.

The nearby City of Lancaster, population 160,000, achieved a Net Zero Energy Status in 2016. The four-term mayor, R. Rex Parris, oversaw the expanded use of solar energy there for this purpose. Homes have roof solar panels. The buses are all electric. There is a Solar Tower power installation that feeds energy into the grid. By doing, things get done.

A wind turbine was once planned for the windy 20-acre property south of the Tehachapi High School. It may still be a good idea, serving as a model for other high schools with some wind elsewhere in California and beyond. It takes good planning and execution but it might be made to work. It is just a single wind turbine, but it is something that Tehachapi deserves to have somewhere in town and should not go long without.

Tony Chessick, Integrity Energies-Wind, IntegEner-W, Tehachapi