I loved the letter written by Joe Nagy ("Democrats' belief in climate change pushes votes for GOP," May 15) bagging on our president. It's pure socialism.

Ten years ago, the Democrats called it global warming. Now, it is called climate change. Hmmmm. We've just had the coldest March since 1887 — no wonder they had to change the name.

I'm wondering how we had an ice age millions of years ago. Did the dinosaurs cause it?

Scientists in the 1970s told us tomatoes caused cancer. Look it up. Science is not always correct. There are thousands of examples giving proof of this.

Equal pay for minorities and women?

I know dozens of women who got hired or promoted in front of my higher test scores in both Kern County and Los Angeles County. I worked for both of these counties.

I agree that CEOs make too much.

Every American, and, for that matter, every illegal immigrant, has health care. Just go to an emergency room and watch. The people with insurance pay the deductible and the rest who have a cold get in for free.

I also want Russian Vladimir Putin to be our friend. I really want my grandchildren to be safe from war with Russia.

I didn't vote for our previous president, Mr. Obama, but I did not bad mouth him.

There is a problem with liberals: They whine until we believe it. It's called the "Big Lie." Look it up, folks.

Stock market is up, and unemployment is down. Life is good. I'll vote for Trump.

Jeff Larson, Tehachapi