Tehachapi voters will have to make a choice this November. We can either go backward or move forward. The current park and recreation facilities do not meet the needs of a growing, vibrant community that is Tehachapi.

Despite the best efforts of those serving us in the Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District, many venues have outlived their usefulness. The pool was constructed in 1968, and has had numerous issues over the last 10 years. The skate park has lasted more than 15 years, but the elements are taking their toll. West Park ball fields are not regulation size, and the toilets that serve them are on septic. This bond fixes that and a whole lot more!

Weekly, on Facebook, you can find a post that says “Tehachapi needs activities for our kids.” Well, if you are a parent, grandparent, or just a citizen who has thought this, now is your chance to rectify this. This bond will provide for new regulation-size baseball and soccer fields; a new recreation center that serves the young and old alike; a new indoor pool and an outdoor lap swim pool.

Those in opposition say Tehachapi doesn’t deserve this, and can’t afford this. I say Tehachapi can’t afford not to do this!

The Tehachapi we know and love is full of generous people who come together again and again to make a difference in our little mountain community. We need to come together and choose to move Tehachapi forward and vote yes on Measure R!

Michael Puffer, Tehachapi