In your recent article on the airport taxiway relocation ("Airport users comment on taxiway plans," Dec. 26), you stated that I had a concern about the new taxiway generating dust conditions. As written in my email to the airport manager, it is not the taxiway but the relocation of the aircraft run up location adjacent to the taxiway that is my concern. The close proximity of this area to existing hangars, in conjunction with associated high-power aircraft engine operation during our dry season, could result in a very dusty environment for existing hangar owners.

My email actually stated four comments. The one aforementioned above, two addressing what mitigations would be undertaken during ongoing construction related to construction staging areas and the last recommending that an additional runway exit taxiway be included in the plan to expedite aircraft off the runway at the east end. This last recommendation could be categorized as a safety enhancement.

In conclusion, I am of the opinion that this airport is very vital to our community as evidenced for example by its use as a staging area for firefighting. It is an asset that needs to be continually improved and I commend the city in seeking FAA grant money for that purpose.

John Tumilowicz, Tehachapi