Here we go again! Now we motorists have to stop dead at Mill Street and Tehachapi Boulevard, even when there's nobody crossing the road on their way to and from that new parking lot in town. I guess the City Council thinks if there's no stop sign we won't be courteous enough to stop for pedestrians and "mow them down."

All that stop sign will do at the intersection of Mill and Tehachapi Boulevard is impede traffic flow through town. Stop-and-go traffic through town only exacerbates driving conditions.

Years ago, the police station in Tehachapi was located where City Hall is now. Since the police station isn't there anymore, why not do away with that stop sign at Robinson Street?

This makes sense but I doubt this will ever come to fruition. We're a nanny state and four stop signs in town is just ridiculous.

Throw reasoning out the window, OK! The amount of auto traffic on Tehachapi Boulevard far outweighs a trickle of pedestrians who will use the crosswalk at Mill Street.

All pedestrians have to do is use a little common sense and look both ways before crossing any busy street. I cringe when thinking what the traffic will be like, and how many other stop signs/ signals will pop up around town when Walmart opens up this coming summer.

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi