I realized my doubts about polls were correct as the 2016 presidential race unfolded. All the networks and talk news shows quoted specific polls with one candidate almost assured of winning. Some individuals speculated that an upset might happen, but pretty much tongue-in-cheek.

I went on the internet to see how polls were conducted and the number of people who responded. The agencies that make up the polls only expect to get 5 percent to 10 percent response from the area/population.

Some polls only cover a specific region or demographic. The political and opinion polls are mostly from the northeast region and may include many of the same people for each polling. I cannot recall ever being asked to participate in a poll about anything related to government issues. Have you?

Consider this: 5 percent or 10 percent of some group (maybe the same people) are being asked their opinion. The media and talk news refer to these polls as if the polls represent the American peoples' opinion. They mostly cherry pick which poll best fits their argument or political view. So, we are left with an infinite number of people responding to polls and the polls being used to reflect public opinion.

As most polls are inaccurate in showing any true representation of American opinions, they could just be a means to aggravate and entertain us. I suspect the later.

Michael Dempsey, Tehachapi