On the subject of pandemics, whether you grew up in the era of 1950s panic in the streets, 1965's the Satan bug; 1971's the andromeda strain or 1995's outbreak, you’ll know that Hollywood did one hell of a job in fictionally pre-programming us for what we are experiencing right now.

But non-fictionally and even more strangely, Hollywood steered well clear of making any kind of movie out of the very real and apocalyptic Spanish flu of 1918.

The world’s deadliest pandemic, which killed more than 50 million, started in the U.S. during World War I in March 1918, and suddenly ended without any reason or medical cure just over one year later.

Ever since the end of World War II we have lived with the daily threat of nuclear war and nuclear accidents, but there's no doubt that after this deadly virus threat has ended we're going to be living, or rather trying to survive, in a Bio-Patriot Act world.

As clearly shown, America, which once had the best hospital and response systems, now has one of the worst. Totally unprepared and disastrously underfunded for floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, let alone pandemics. It could not afford a mere fraction of the trillions of taxpayer dollars that were squandered instead on needless military hardware and intelligence agencies.

And afterward, when we bailout yet again the banks and airlines etc., it's always us the people, who are never consulted, never told the truth, that have to do all the "do or die" dying!

— Graham Hill, Tehachapi