Recently, City Manager Greg Garrett gave a presentation themed Moments that Mattered. When our Mayor, Ed Grimes, passed away, it was a moment that severely impacted us. Ed’s life and contribution to Tehachapi was extraordinary.

Losing Ed broke our hearts, and rendered our City Council in a vulnerable state, with four of five seats being up for election. It was a tough election and I am humbled by the council members who have stepped up to serve. That election was a moment in Tehachapi’s history that will have an immeasurable impact on the well-being of this community.

Another moment has passed without much exposure. The Benz businesses were officially sold, bringing the end of an era for an iconic local business. These organizations, and the family behind them, have been an incredible asset to Tehachapi.

In the early days, founders Paul and Joan Benz knew about grit. Joan would drive the trash truck, as Paul would empty the cans. Not only did they provide services critical to our city, and create jobs, but they also gave generously to improve our community. Their history of philanthropy over the past 45-plus years is unmatched and greatly appreciated.

Paul and Joan, thank you for your generosity. This town wouldn’t be the same without you. Every child who played sports growing up here,has benefited from your giving in some way. Buddy and I won’t forget the example that you’ve set and the legacy that you leave in Tehachapi.

God Bless You and Your Family.

Nikki Cummings, Tehachapi