Motorcyclists should avoid Highway 58.

The westbound lanes, just east of Broome Road all the way into Bakersfield, have potholes and concrete panels that are disintegrating. These spots are tragic fatalities waiting to happen as is the roadway where the asphalt meets the bridge decks. I venture to say that Valentino Rossi, the world champion motorcycle rider, would be tossed off a bike if he hit some of these spots. This road is dangerous for cars, too.

Highway 58 is a disgrace. It is an embarrassment. Our leaders get this country involved in black holes all over the world. We will give them trillions, not billions, of dollars to repair their roads. Just take a look around at some of ours.

As for the Caltrans workers patching Highway 58, they are only doing what they are told to do. I feel certain they are just as disgusted as I and a lot of people are, if for no other reason than they may have to use the road themselves.

All of this means nothing to the bureaucrats who never have to travel on Highway 58. I'd urge them to look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are fulfilling their duties to provide safe roadways. They receive reports, don't ever doubt that.

Lou Whitfield, Keene