We motorists have a love affair with our motor vehicles, and why not? We need our wheels to get us just where we want to go. On the contrary, our bureaucrats in California have been trying to coax us out of our vehicles for decades. How come?

Our state and local government gurus obsess over the fact that using mass rapid transit, ride share, carpools, Dial-A-Ride and roll roads will somehow ease traffic congestion. They even buy in to get grants with bicycle lanes, often at the expense of more traffic lanes.

That's why we see bicycle lanes taking up space with traffic lanes, because they are added on to road grants. Uber and Lyft don't ease traffic congestion much either when passengers move from one car right into another one.

Bureaucrats use grants to masquerade other projects they want, such as adding on sidewalks and curbs to road grants, which bleeds funds away from road improvements.

Our local leaders need to be emphatic and tell these bureaucrats to write grants for road improvements only. Nearly everything moves on our highways including motorcycles and trucks.

I think these bureaucrats would wise up in a hurry if suddenly they were getting sued by motorcyclists who were seriously injured from falling into some yawing potholes. What would happen if trucks couldn't ravel on shoddy roads, and shelves and cupboards in stores suddenly became empty? Trucks need decent roads to haul; that's all!

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi