Our City Council meetings have become a kangaroo court.

I believe Ashley Whitmore. Harassment is not so much about what is said, but how it makes that person feel. A few months ago I was present at a meeting when she was discredited and objectified by an audience member who called her "honey."

While the comment was directed at Mrs. Whitmore, it was an insult to all the women at that meeting. It doesn't matter if harassment is intentional or simply being ignorant or insensitive, we all have the right to not be in a hostile workplace. I want to apologize to Mrs. Whitmore and all the other women in the room that day for not immediately speaking up.

I do believe Ken Hetge is being singled out for political reasons. It was obvious Monday night. For over three hours, the audience was subjected to a combative mayor who used the gavel to stifle and bully those who spoke at the podium.

We have reverted back to the contentious atmosphere of 2018. We were promised a return to civility, but that has not changed because the gavel has not changed. The citizens of Tehachapi deserve better than this; we deserve to be heard and we deserve to have our own political opinions without being intimidated.

Clint Davies, Tehachapi