Well, here we go again. Finally got Walmart started after 10 years, and what does this potentially quaint little town do?

After a million dollar bike path that very few use, we now have a 90-plus parking lot plus bus stop going in in the heart of what could have been a quaint downtown. Did we really need this? Thank God it wasn't another unoccupied mini mall! like the one across the street.

How about something for the teens and younger children? Oh we forgot, City Hall knows better than the citizens, not. They could have developed something like Cambria Pines, or Old Ventura. Nice shopping, well landscaped older-type restored homes as shopping places. An eyesore to the VFW, Kohnen's Bakery and the Tehachapi Depot!

But then there is the old Ace Hardware (Ace shoppers could park there) and a restaurant on the corner that can't stay open. So, why not have a parking lot with all the extra traffic in the middle of town?

Ken Moore, Tehachapi