In a newspaper article ("Talented people work for our city," July 4) Greg Garrett, our city manager, wrote that "Private sector salaries are generally higher than public sector jobs, and the private sector can offer bonuses, stipends and incentive packages that the public sector can't."

Mr. Garrett and I discussed the differences between public and private sector jobs. He was informed that public sector jobs come with tremendous benefits such as increased job security, permanent employment, early retirement and severance packages that are out of this world.

Oodles of tax dollars are also spent toward public sector jobs. I don't begrudge people working in the public sector, but when I see our roads in Tehachapii falling apart and are in dire need of repair, a "red flag goes up." Money to fix our roads comes from the public sector. Ride down Valley Boulevard, between Curry and Tucker roads, and see for yourself if this road doesn't need fixing.

Seems to me the last item that gets funded are roads, but it's high time our leaders quickly do some prioritizing with their budgets, and direct more money to where "the rubber meets the road."

Taxing the likes of Love's Truck Stop and Flying J should provide some seed money to fix some of our roads in town, but where is that tax money going? Employees in the private sector work to keep their jobs, produce goods we all depend on for our livelihood, and build our highways. If their work isn't up to par forthwith employees lose their jobs.

This kind of accountability just doesn't occur to employees working in the public sector. I wouldn't complain if our roads were smooth and well maintained, but right now that's not happening.

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi