Funny, or not so funny, I see the "city," whoever that consists of these days, saying they are going to do things to boost the economy of the city. And once again, I see the city is planning for things that attract people to come from other cities to spend here every so often.

Maybe, just maybe, the city should think about the people who live here and have money to spend here. After all, that is why they are paid by the people who live here.

I was discussing this issue with someone I grew up with here just a couple of days back. We talk about it more often than not any more. The latest was started by the closing of Kieffe and Sons Ford.

Trying to make this in the 250 word limit is hard, so I'll state it simply by this: I go out of town almost every day to restaurants in other towns. Good food and great service in these areas. However, the biggest reason is after dinner, there is something to do. Here, I could eat, some restaurants are good. But after, there is nothing to do so I still have to go out of town. No bowling alley, no arcade, no public golf course.

If the city would just learn they work for us and create businesses and activities for us, not only would we stay here, but we would spend time here. I just don't know if the city realizes that concept.

Matt Hyatt, Tehachapi