The Aug. 30 Tehachapi News was filled with more of the same old rhetoric, praising Wilbur and Charles, and adding Daulton and Barbara to our local VERY conservative population. I can't believe that anyone would still be singing the praises of Fox News, which is nothing more than right wing babble and apologies for our "mistreatment of the poor marchers in Charlottesville," to whom Trump felt compelled to rise to their defense and say both sides were to blame.

Even many TRULY informed conservatives, including members of his own staff, were disgusted by Trump's latest tantrums, but apparently, Fox News felt it was a proper course of action, and his loyal followers — all 28 percent or so of the population — get in lockstep with him.

Can't you see the damage the man is doing, when even one of Reagan's chief speech writers, Michael Gerson, is steadily condemning the actions of this egomaniac? Can't you see the similarities between he and Hitler? Mueller will be done with his investigation one month soon, and then we can walk this horrific excuse for a president out the door. I'm sure it will happen before he ever fulfills his promise (another big lie) to release his tax returns. Clinton's goofs pale in comparison, unless you're in the David Duke camp!

Ted Johnson, Tehachapi