It looks like the hotly debated DACA issue has raised its angry head again. I don't recall ever being asked to vote on this. As I recall, it was just placed into law by the so-called powers that be that we were stuck with at the time, and no one deemed it necessary to add a stipulation that it be mandatory after a certain length of time the people that it affected would have to become citizens or leave the country.

I really don't have a problem with the babies being here. They can't help themselves. But by the time they become teenagers or been in school for a while, they should know that they need to become citizens.

The adults who brought the babies here illegally should have at least started the process of becoming citizens within a year of the time they arrived to keep from being separated from their children, or maybe they don't care if they lose them.

I don't understand. When I started school you had to show a birth certificate to prove you and you parents were American citizens. Now it seems that the government agencies are falling all over themselves to give them free schools, welfare, medical cards and anything else they ask for.

I am getting tired of all these illegal immigrants getting all this special treatment while there are so many of our natural citizens who can't get any kind of help, and then there are the veterans who are having a hard time getting the help they need.

I guess what I am trying to say is that a lot of the crybabies who are complaining about this have a high enough education to get off their butts and get their citizenship or go home wherever that may be. Or you could call your representative and tell them you want to move in with them for a number of years.

Robert Slusher, senior veteran, Tehachapi